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Slices of history


One of the most interesting parts of news and events photography is the sense that each photograph is a slice of history. Every photography is a reflection of a moment frozen in time. However, news and events photography tends to resonate beyond the normal holiday snap or tourist photograph.

Local, national, international

The news photograph can be local, national or international. I took photographs at the scene of a fatal motor car incident less than three hundred yards from my home. Yet those photographs reflect the end of a life, the work of the emergency services; the reporting of a tragedy that will change lives.

I photographed at Abingdon Air show event. Not life changing, but a slice of time reflecting both a vast amount of work and the sheer technical brilliance of stunt pilots pushing their machines to their absolute limits

The Junior Doctors’ dispute has attracted much divided opinion, both in wider society as well as within the medical profession. A strong story telling picture can sum up the dispute better than a thousand words. The dispute may be seen, in retrospect, as a turning point, a political milestone and photographers record these events for eternity.

I was in Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister, when the President of the USA visited; his last visit to the United Kingdom before the end of his presidency. Was this a historic event, perhaps not, but it had great symbolism of the special relationship between the UK and the USA, another slice of history recorded.

History will judge

Never before in history has it been easier to photograph, record and store digital media, The issue is one of overload, of selection and discrimination. Who will decide what event is important, what image is key to understanding, What is seen today as important may not be seen in such a context tomorrow. The interpretation of events will change over time, the unimportant becomes important. All we can do is record what we think is important at the time, and that, after all is a social statement and judgment in itself

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